About Us
We believe in working hard, but we also believe work should be fun. Fun for us, our clients, and most of all our users. As a team we bring together our diverse skills and come up with solutions that are fun, interactive, and clearly showcase our client's best side.


The Team

  • Earth From Above Chantal Buard
    Owner, Creative Director
  • Earth From Above Barbie Lucio
    Project Manager
  • Earth From Above Steve Salerno
    Video Editor
  • Earth From Above Jean-Baptise Orozco
    Web Designer / Freelance
  • Earth From Above Lydia White
    Senior Designer / Freelance
  • Earth From Above Elena Cruz
    Script Writer / Freelance


Great design inspires positive change, makes the world more beautiful, and supports applications that make life richer and more fun. Our goal is to take on big projects that aim to make the world a better place.


One of the best things about living in the Bay Area is that we are surrounded by creative talent and brilliant techies. We have great friends and partners to collaborate with when needed in order to deliver the best results for every project.

Want to partner with Mana? Drop us a line and let's talk about it.